„Hacken erwünscht“

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SocietyByte über #ZACK, den Zürcher Archiv-Hackday: Hacken erwünscht  

Lionel Walter im Interview zum Geneva Open Libraries Hackathon

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Die digitalen Räume der Bibliotheken öffnen  

Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2017 – Registration is Open

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Registration for the third Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon is open. This year’s event takes place on 15-16 September 2017 (some workshops starting on the 14 September already). It is hosted by the University of Lausanne and supported by the Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire de Lausanne, by the Laboratoire de cultures et humanités digitales (LADHUL), […]

Archival Hackday in Zurich – Sign up now!

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Sign up now for the Open Archival Hackday that will take place on Friday, 9th June at the Zurich Cantonal Archives. The event is organized by several archives of the Zurich region in cooperation with OpenGLAM CH and the Association of Swiss Archivists. For the programme & registration information, refer to the event page! The […]

Results of the Hackathon Participants‘ Survey 2016

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The results of our Participants’ Survey for the 2016 edition have been published. As in the previous year, the hackathon has been a large success. According to the participants, it has been most effective in terms of networking, spurring and exchanging ideas, promoting access to cultural data, finding out how data can be used in […]

Impressions of the Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2016

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Infoclio has published videos of a series of interviews and of the project presentations of this year’s Open Cultural Data Hackathon, which took place at the Basel University Library on 1-2 July 2016. This is just a selection. The complete list of the videos can be found at the infoclio.ch website, while the list of […]

Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon 2016 – Register Now!

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On 1-2 July 2016 the Swiss OpenGLAM Working Group is inviting to the Second Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon at the Basel University Library! Registration is now open. Please refer to the event page for further information. We have set the official registration deadline to 15 June; but please consider that the event may be […]

Imagine a World where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to Wikipedia

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As part of Wikipedia’s 15th Anniversary celebration, Wikimedians are asking librarians all over the world to take 15 minutes to add at least one more reference to Wikipedia. Join the campaign! Twitter: #1Lib1Ref „It’s important to recognize the lasting impact of Wikipedia on the online research environment: Wikipedia has become the default location for every […]

Heritage Institutions Invited to Provide Data and Content for Upcoming Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon!

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The OpenGLAM Working Group is once again calling on heritage institutions to provide data for the upcoming Open Cultural Data Hackathon : All Swiss heritage institutions are invited to contribute data and content for our second hackathon, which is taking place on 1/2 July 2016 on the premises of the Basel University Library. The hackathon […]

International OpenGLAM Survey – First Set of Publications

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The International OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey has given way to a first set of publications in several languages, including: Estermann, Beat (2015) Diffusion of Open Data and Crowdsourcing among Heritage Institutions. Based on data from Finland, Poland, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. Paper Presented at the EGPA 2015 Conference, held on 26-28 August 2015 in Toulouse, France. […]

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