The following organizations are members of the Friends of OpenGLAM Network:

ETH Library actively helps to shape the advancement of human knowledge. One important means is the digital access to its content and metadata as open data. If permitted by licences and copyright law,  the free re-use, the corresponding tagging and the networking of data form the foundation for using the data within the scope of research projects or developing innovative visualisations, products and services. Since its first edition in 2015, ETH Library has actively supported the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon (#GLAMhack) as a creative and networking space for the use of freely accessible cultural data.

Website: ETH Library
Contact: michael.gasser(at)

docuteam is the professional portal for the historical sciences in Switzerland. It is a project supported by the Swiss Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Swiss Historical Association. The core missions of are to grant visibility to swiss historical research on the internet, to foster scholarly communication between historians, information professionals and the general public, and to support the adoption of innovative tools and methods among historians. All services are freely accessible on the website. has been among the first-hour supporters of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon.

Contact: enrico.natale(at)

The Swiss National Library (NL) collects, catalogues and preserves information about Switzerland, in print or other media, and makes it available to the public. This information is collectively known as “Helvetica”. Its slogan is “Sources from Switzerland for the world” which it implements among other things with an Open Data Policy and cooperation with the opendata community. The first Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon was hosted by the NL in 2015. The National Library also operates the Swiss Literary Archives, the Swiss National Sound Archives and the Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel. Its tasks are set out in the National Library Act (in French).

Website: Swiss National Library
Contact: matthias.nepfer(at)

The Swiss National Museum (SNM) presents in its permanent exhibitions Swiss history from its beginnings to the present, and gives an insight into Swiss identities and the rich tapestry of our country’s culture. Temporary exhibitions on current topics add to the experience. The SNM possesses a unique collection of objects related to Swiss cultural history and handicrafts from prehistory to the present day. The digital access to its content and metadata as open data is an important goal in the museum’s policy. In 2018, the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon was hosted by the SNM in Zurich and was thus the first of its kind to take place in a museum.

Website: Swiss National Museum
Contact: Dario.Donati(at)

The Swiss Social Archives are the first port of call in Switzerland for all those looking into social change, the social question and social movements. The Social Archives collect documents of all types – from manuscripts, books and objects through to digital photographs and born digital documents – and make them available to the public while preserving them for future generations. The Swiss Social Archives are an academic library, a historical archive and a collection of topical documentation all in one. They have documents on all the relevant social issues, and the different ideas for resolving these issues. Recent innovations in digital archiving paired with the unique topic of interest have put the Swiss Social Archives at the forefront of research-oriented collaboration. The Swiss Social Archives support the OpenGLAM movement with technical know-how, financially and as a partner on different project-related alliances.

Website: Swiss Social Archives
Contact: Vassilev(at)

Wikimedia CH
Wikimedia CH is the Swiss Chapter of the global Wikimedia movement, and officially recognized as such by the Wikimedia Foundation with its headquarters in San Francisco, USA. We are a non-profit organization which aims to promote the free dissemination of knowledge in Switzerland and supports the volunteers’ community which makes the Wikimedia movement happen. Wikimedia CH offers a wide range of services to help Galleries, Libraries, Museums and Archives (GLAM) navigate the Wiki-universe, to support them in sharing their collections on Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia, as well as its many sister projects, like Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata, and to improve their own visibility. The collaboration and the partnerships with cultural institutions is an important pillar in our work towards making the Swiss cultural heritage accessible and this is why we cooperate and support the OpenGLAM movement in Switzerland, both as a sponsor and by being an active partner of the OpenGLAM CH Working Group.

Contact: sandra.becker(at)