First Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon

Once a year, the Swiss OpenGLAM Working Group brings together data providers, software developers, digital humanists, artists, Wikimedians/Wikipedians, and other interested people in order to experiment how cultural data and content can be used for research purposes, for web and mobile apps, in the context of Wikipedia, for artistic re-mixes, or for other forms of re-use.

As the participants‘ survey of the first Open Cultural Data Hackathon in Switzerland has shown, the event has been highly effective in terms of networking, spurring and exchanging ideas, as well as promoting access to cultural data. Roughly half of the participants also appreciated how skills and know-how had been shared.


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Open Data Sets / Open Collections

Open data sets and open collections from the heritage sector serve as „raw material“ for various types of re-uses. The hackathon is an important occasion to encourage Swiss heritage institutions to open up their data/content for re-use and to gather it in a central location. For an overview of open cultural datasets and collections, have a look at the following pages:

Information Material for Data Providers