The OpenGLAM CH Working Group brings together representatives of heritage institutions, NGOs, research and education, service providers, and funding institutions, in order to promote and facilitate the adoption of the OpenGLAM Principles in Switzerland. It functions as a loose network of OpenGLAM related projects.

OpenGLAM Principles

The OpenGLAM Principles have been adopted by the international OpenGLAM Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2013 and stipulate how heritage institutions shall support the advance of humanity’s knowledge by opening up their collections.  The five rules heritage institutions are invited to follow are:

  1. Release digital information about the artefacts (metadata) into the public domain using an appropriate legal tool […]
  2. Keep digital representations of works for which copyright has expired (public domain) in the public domain by not adding new rights to them.
  3. When publishing data make an explicit and robust statement of your wishes and expectations with respect to reuse and repurposing […]
  4. When publishing data use open file formats which are machine-readable.
  5. Opportunities to engage audiences in novel ways on the web should be pursued.

A full version of the OpenGLAM Principles can be found on the website of the international OpenGLAM Working Group.