International OpenGLAM Survey has been rolled out in Switzerland

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The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey has been rolled out in Switzerland. At the beginning of May, Swiss heritage institutions have received an e-mail invitation asking them to participate; the survey will remain open until the first half of June.

The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey is an online survey conducted among heritage institutions throughout the world during 2014/2015. Its purpose is to measure the state of advancement of OpenGLAM (digitization, exchange of metadata, open data, linked data, open content, social media use, and crowdsourcing) in the participating countries and to identify the main challenges and obstacles with regard to the promotion of OpenGLAM and free access to knowledge.

The survey serves to inform the heritage community about the latest developments in the area of OpenGLAM and relate them to the state of advancement of open data/open content and related practices in their country.

Furthermore, the international benchmark study will provide international comparisons allowing each country to see where it stands compared to other countries and providing the international OpenGLAM community with a tool to help it better understand the particularities of each country.

So far, data has been gathered in Poland and Finland (preliminary results are available on the project website); data collection processes are presently running in the Netherlands and Switzerland, while Spain and Portugal will follow over the coming weeks. Further countries are expected to be included later this year.

The OpenGLAM Benchmark Survey is coordinated by the Bern University of Applied Sciences and carried out in a collaborative effort of national chapters of the Open Knowledge Foundation, by Wikimedia chapters, NGOs, heritage institutions, and research institutions. It has been inspired by a pilot survey carried out among Swiss heritage institutions by the Bern University of Applied Sciences in fall 2012.