Imagine a World where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to Wikipedia

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As part of Wikipedia’s 15th Anniversary celebration, Wikimedians are asking librarians all over the world to take 15 minutes to add at least one more reference to Wikipedia.

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Twitter: #1Lib1Ref

„It’s important to recognize the lasting impact of Wikipedia on the online research environment: Wikipedia has become the default location for every type of researcher, both casual and professional, to start their research. After 15 years, Wikipedia has over 35 million articles in hundreds of languages, many of which have references and external links that guide researchers to authoritative sources about the topics they are researching.

Without a doubt, this makes Wikipedia one of the most important research tools in the world. It’s the largest hand-curated annotated bibliography ever, and is one of the biggest referrers to scholarly publications and one of the biggest sources for readers of medical information. However, Wikipedia’s strengths sometimes hide its systematic gaps and failings—there are many pieces of information on Wikipedia that can’t be verified by a source, or are missing because of our community’s systemic biases.

The libraries community has a huge number of opportunities to help solve these gaps.“

(Alex Stinson, Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Blog)