Heritage Institutions and GLAM Volunteers Working Together on a Local Level

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For more than two years, Wikimedia Deutschland has been running the project „GLAM on Tour“, which fosters relationships between GLAM volunteers and cultural heritage institutions.

The following video illustrates how cultural cooperations with GLAMs can be started, how volunteers are motivated to engage in GLAM activities, and how heritage institutions reach a better understanding of how an editathon or other activities with Wikipedians might look like (click on the picture).

Video: GLAM on Tour (by Wikimedia Germany) – in German, English subtitles are available.

Now and then, in addition to the regular „Wikipedia Ateliers“ at the Swiss National Library, Swiss Wikipedians are on tour as well: Thus, on February 14, 2015, a joint event at Kantonsbibliothek Thurgau in Frauenfeld will allow Wikipedians to take a closer look at GLAM resources while giving encouragement and support to people interested in contributing to Wikipedia.

  • From 14:00 to 17:00, there will be an „open editing“ session where people can gather some experience with Wikipedia editing assisted by experienced Wikipedia volunteers.
  • At 17:00, the library will present its collections – especially people interested in improving Thurgau-related Wikipedia articles may find new hints and reference material not easily found elsewhere. The event is followed by the traditional „Zürich-Stammtisch“ get-together of Wikipedians, relocated to Frauenfeld for this time.

Similar events took place in the Zentralbibliothek Solothurn in March and October 2014. On March 29, the „Zürich-Stammtisch“ was relocated to Solothurn, preceded by a presentation of historic encyclopedias. At four October dates, a „Wikipedia workshop“ at the Zentralbibliothek, organized by Wikimedia CH, created an opportunity for people interested in editing Wikipedia to learn about the project’s background, policies and editing basics.

Would you like to be the next stop on the tour, write an e-mail to beat.estermann@openglam.ch or leave a message on the [https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Diskussion:Z%C3%BCrich discussion page of the Zürich Stammtisch].