mix’n’hack 2019 – results

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Once again, we are happy to present the results of the Swiss Open Cultural Data Hackathon, which was this year organised in collaboration with Museomix and thus entitled „mix’n’hack 2019“.

Back to the Greek Universe is a web application that allows users to explore the ancient Greek model of the universe in virtual reality so that they can realize what detailed knowledge the Greeks had of the movement of the celestial bodies observable from the Earth’s surface. The model is based on Claudius Ptolemy’s work, which is characterized by the fact that it adopts a geo-centric view of the universe with the earth in the center. Check it out!

Collaborative Virtual Museum for All Senses (CoViMAS) is an extended virtual museum which engages all senses of visitors. It is a substantial upgrade and expansion of the GLAMhack 2018 project “Walking around the Globe” and aims to provide a collaborative environment for multiple visitors in the virtual museum.

Opera Forever is an online collaboration platform and social networking site to collectively explore large amounts of opera recordings. The platform allows users to tag audio sequences with various types of semantics, such as personal preference, emotional reaction, specific musical features or technical issues.

TimeGazer is a time-traveling photo booth enabling you to send greetings from historical postcards. Based on the “Postcards from Valais (1890 – 1950)” dataset, consisting of nearly 4000 historic postcards of Valais, the project team created a prototype for a Mixed-Reality photo booth.

Human Name Creativity is a continuation of the GLAMhack 2018 project „Dog Name Creativity“, working this time with a dataset from the swiss post which provides the top 5 names from each postal code.

You can read more about the projects on the individual project pages. The links are gathered here.