Imagine a World where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to Wikipedia

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As part of Wikipedia’s 15th Anniversary celebration, Wikimedians are asking librarians all over the world to take 15 minutes to add at least one more reference to Wikipedia. Join the campaign! Twitter: #1Lib1Ref „It’s important to recognize the lasting impact of Wikipedia on the online research environment: Wikipedia has become the default location for every […]

GLAM and Wikipedia

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In its September 2015 edition, „Arbido“ covers various aspects of the cooperation between heritage institutions and Wikipedia/Wikimedia. From mass uploads, over Wikipedians in Residence, to legal issues – the different articles in this issue address many facets of the encounter between the wiki world and the world of cultural heritage. A must read for all […]

Heritage Institutions and GLAM Volunteers Working Together on a Local Level

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For more than two years, Wikimedia Deutschland has been running the project „GLAM on Tour“, which fosters relationships between GLAM volunteers and cultural heritage institutions. The following video illustrates how cultural cooperations with GLAMs can be started, how volunteers are motivated to engage in GLAM activities, and how heritage institutions reach a better understanding of […]

Matthias Nepfer about the Swiss National Library’s experiences in the area of OpenGLAM

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In his interview with Dominik Landwehr (Digital Brainstorming), Matthias Nepfer, the Swiss National Libary’s head of innovation and information management talks about the library’s attitude and experiences regarding the release of public domain works on the internet, their cooperation with Wikimedia CH, and their expectations regarding the upcoming cultural data hackathon. Matthias Nepfer (copyright by […]

Wikipedians in Residence Speak About Their Work

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Wikipedians in Residence are Wikipedia contributors who work in a heritage institution in order to serve as mediators between the Wikipedia community and the institution’s staff. In an interview with Dominik Landwehr from Migros Kulturprozent, Micha L. Rieser talks about his experience as a Wikipedian in Residence at the Swiss Federal Archives in 2013 and […]

Taking stock of OpenGLAM in Switzerland

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2013 was the year in which the Open Knowledge Foundation adopted the OpenGLAM principles, the Swiss association officially launched its own OpenGLAM Working Group and welcomed new members. These two milestones show that the movement in favor of opening up our cultural heritage is gaining momentum. We are seeing more institutions engaging global audiences, making their collections more […]

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